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A gentlemen performing power washing to a roof top.
​Are you stuck with moldy and discolored siding and need immediate pressure washing? Are you looking for first-rate pressure washing services? Search no more! We offer both, the most efficient washing and painting service for residential and commercial buildings.
We only use the most suitable cleaning techniques for your project.  As the experts we are geared towards providing you a high-quality, quick turn around and inexpensive service.
Power washing is a technique that involves the application of a high-pressure spray to eliminate paint, mold, and other debris. It is sometimes called Pressure washing. It is also the process used to remove dust or grime from the surface of buildings. There is however a slight difference between power washing and pressure washing.  Power washing makes use of heated water for the removal of impurities. Our service covers both residential and commercial buildings. No project is too small or large for us to handle.

What you get from us

  • Exterior house washing
  • Walkway, gate, fence,  and patio washing
  • Best and most effective disinfectant soap selection
  • Proper equipment utilization
  • First rate customer service

Who needs us?

Both residential and commercial building owners who value their property and prioritize cleanliness as an utmost concern need our pressure washing and other handyman service.

Why you should power wash

  • Power washing increases the value of your building. Real estate investors understand the factors that affect and enhance the valuation of your property. While the site/location of the building affects its value, the presentation of the building also has a vital role. Power washing presents your building in a good light as it increases its beauty.
  • Power washing helps you avoid future expenses arising from repairs. Such repairs include decay but with power washing, the cause of decay is minimized and often eliminated before its occurrence which extends the life span of your building.
  • Power washing cleans mildew and mold from your buildings which grows from excess moisture and hence are seen mostly in places with high humidity. With power washing this mold and mildew are removed and thus gives the exterior an orderly appearance. Mold can appear as grey, black or white.
  • Power washing helps to remove exterior corrosion as a result of the presence of mold.
  • Power washing can also be used on the roof of your home in order to loosen up debris, such as leaves and sticks and keep it neat and maintained.
  • Power washing is essential for the removal of cobwebs in places where you do not have easy access by hand.
  • Power washing saves you cost of future maintenance which is more expensive.






A gentlemen performing power washing to the sidewalk.
A gentlemen performing power washing to an outside fence.

We have all the necessary pressure washing accessories to give you the best service.  Aside from having all of the essential tools, we also work with consideration of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needed to complete the job safely.
Some of the accessories we use to give you the first-class washing service you require are;

  • Whirl-A-Way surface cleaners
  • Water Brooms (used for cleaning sidewalks and patios)
  • Spray guns
  • Soap nozzles​ (we use different sized nozzles based on the project. We have individual nozzles for both taller and shorter heights).

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