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White wall, in the process of being painted, with open cannisters and a ladder on the wall. Are you looking for good drywall repair and painting services from reputable contractors? We implement various painting techniques that we have gathered over the years including; paint ragging, color washing, dry-brushing, Tuscan faux finishing and so on. Ongoing maintenance in your residence or commercial building properly is vital for longevity and in avoiding future problems. Many commercial and residential buildings have decreased in value due to poor upkeep and conservation practices caused by hiring inexperienced and unsuitable contractors to handle your projects. While we are equipped to deliver a remarkable service, we also take into consideration the sanitation of the working environment. We treat your environment as an utmost priority, and we do everything to keep it neat.

We can help you with:

  • Drywall preparation for painting
  • Cover up painting
  • Skim coating
  • Color washing
  • Dry-brushing
  • Tuscan faux finishing
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Commercial Painting

The principle goal of using prime paint is to make it possible for the paint to coat the sheetrock without much difficulty. Most paint projects require priming the surface at the beginning before completing the paint project. However, not all jobs involving the painting of drywall,  necessitates priming.
New wallboard sometimes poses difficulties during painting because the surface at times may have up to three different textures. Each of these different textures can have different absorption rates. While some compositions of the wallboard may absorb color vigorously, other surfaces may absorb after a bit of a delay. Using a primer allows us to maintain a uniform layer of paint during application.

Here is what the primer provides;

  • Color equalization:

When primer is used on the drywall, the color appears even and uniform throughout the entire surface of the sheetrock.

  • Porosity equalization:

Primer is a porosity equalizer. It makes even, the areas lacking a uniform non-porous surface so that the paint can adhere properly to the wall.

To know if your project requires priming, contact us.

Hiding Paints

Hiding paint is a specific latex paint with an enhanced color-hiding property. We use hiding paints to cover stains on drywall in order to maintain its beauty and perfect look.

Skim coating

Our experts use skim coating techniques where necessary to remove compounds from fresh drywall. Skim coating involves scraping the surface of the sheetrock, which is a part of the finishing procedure we use to achieve the perfect wall texture before painting. It is a cheap and easy technique we employ to give the best drywall painting you will definitely love. We are always available to deliver a free quote for all types  of building and paint projects. We are sure you will need one!




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