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Are you looking for the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling service? Our team of highly experienced professionals are available 7 days a week to modernize both.  We can provision your minimum requirements or provide a complete overhaul. We work towards delivering a high quality product to all of our clients at the most affordable cost.
Renovating your Kitchen as well as your bathroom increases the value of your home and also boosts its aesthetic appeal. Our remodeling service focuses on both beauty and comfort.

Why us?

  • We take your dream plans and the requirements you would like to have done and make them a reality. If you need ideas, plans or suggestions, we will assist and help you finalize a selection.  And guess what? The end result is always stunning!
  • Our team uses a combination of style and experience to suit our client’s needs. We maintain our work at a very high standard and hence, will do everything to make sure we deliver both quality and beauty.
  • We do not go beyond your budget. We work according to your finances and still provide the best end result to you. However, in cases where your allowance will not be able to meet with your tastes, we will work with you and figure out the best way to meet your needs.
  • Integrity in our work puts our client’s needs on very high footing, and we will work until you are satisfied.
  • Our work is fully insured and therefore warranted in case of unsuspecting occurrences.

What you get from us:

Bathroom remodeling

When we redesign a bathroom, while beauty is considered highly, we also prioritize space and lighting. A beautifully designed bathroom increases the value of your home. We will compile for you a selection of high-quality bathroom designs, and review with you the different options. Some of the transformations we can make to your bathroom are;

  • Sink and basin updates
  • Cabinet modernization
  • Bathtub removal and replacement
  • Renovate bathroom showers
  • Modernize sink, bathtub and shower faucets
  • Replacing/updating toilets
  • Restore and enhance fixtures
  • Update tiles and back splash
  • Other modifications based on your taste/choice

Our bathroom remodeling services are based on a cost estimation. We can give you free quotes on the cost of remodeling your bathroom. Get a quote!
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Kitchen and Bathroom black and white floor plans

Kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is a core part of the home as this is where you make your meals, entertain and socialize with guests. You should have enough space to accommodate family and visitors and provide necessary lighting and ventilation to avoid the feeling of congestion.
Our experts understand the need to have a kitchen which is both purposeful and beautiful. We will create a masterpiece for you as we are tops in the home decor remodeling industry.
We have an eye for attractive design and know the right approach to give you the best outcome.
Our kitchen redesign service includes;

  • Construction and architecture design
  • Space utilization and maximization
  • Cabinet Upgrades
  • Interior Painting
  • Tile and Back splash installation
  • Electrical configuration
  • Lighting configuring
  • Sink installation
  • Countertop installation
  • Drywall repair and installation

*We also help you select the best and most cost effective choices for your kitchen appliances including; refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, stovetops, range hoods, microwaves, sinks, warming drawers, and other finishes.

*Call us today, and we guarantee you the best remodeling service.

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